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All contents linked here is written in Japanese.

Linux Technical Memo

Broadcasting a live video using FFMPEG on Linux

FFMPEG, a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video, introduction and install memo. (Aug 2, 2003)

Snapshot mount error on LVM + reiserfs

I tried to apply LVM --Logical Volume Manager-- to my Linux box then found some serious errors when mounting the snapshot of reiserfs formated Logical Volume.

Reverse proxy with DeleGate + OpenSSL

DeleGate is a multi-purpose application level gateway, and it translates protocols between clients and servers. I tried to use the DeleGate as a SSL front-end of Web-based GroupWare server in order to mediate communication between HTTP and HTTPS. (Mar 28, 2003)

Using TightVNC on Vine Linux 2.1.5

TightVNC is a enhanced version of VNC, which is optimized to work over slow network connections such as low-speed modem links. I tried to use "Gnome desktop@Vine Linux" on my MS-Windows 2000 desktop thru the TightVNC. (Sep 2001)

How to SOCKSify the OpenSSH on Linux

I found a SOCKS support has been removed from the recent port of OpenSSH, and the development team recommended to implement as a "ProxyCommand". I tried this method to SOCKSify the OpenSSH.

Re-building my desktop-pc@home

I re-built my desktop on June 2001. Here is a memo of my powerful? Athlon based PC. (June, 2001)

How to get a screen shot of xdm

The coolest way to capture the xdm login screen shot, shown by TOMINAGA@sojo-u.(Jan 21, 2000)

Linux install memo about FMV-BIBLO MF5/600R

FMV-BIBLO MF5/600R is B5-file size laptop PC, suplied on Jan 2001 by FUJITSU. I've got this PC for my business and tried to install Linux. This document is a mini how-to installing Linux to the FMV-BIBLO MF5/600R.

about Ogg Vorbis

Ogg Vorbis is a fully Open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format for high quality audio and music. I tried to use it on my Linux-box and was sure to replace MP3. This document is a Japanese translation of FAQ and so on.

OUP-400N with FM-TOWNS-Linux

OUP-400N is a small size UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supplies) suplied by GS-EE. I am using this UPS with my Linux server on FM-TOWNS. You can understand how to setup the ups daemon to control OUP-400N on TOWNS-Linux. (May 1998)

Misc. documents

Paddling Fan Page

The spring of 1999, I bought a second-hand cayak and I enjoy taking it down to the river. It's exciting just to spend some hours on the wild water :-)
I primarily prepared this page for my paddling-mate, but I also hope you can find some pleasure or charm of river cayaking from the page even if you have no paddling experience.

Trouble on my DISCO

I am a owner of DISCO, LAND ROVER DISCOVERY since 1995. I have experienced many trouble on my DISCO. This is a report of the crashed differencial gear.

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